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About Us


Who We Are

Are you a new mom struggling to feed your child natural and tasty food ? Are you a working mom who doesn't have time to cook meals from scratch? Then look no further!

At Bumblebee, our certified chef and pediatric nutritionist developed nutritious and delicious meals to ensure your baby and toddler grows to have a healthy lifestyle through every stage of their development.​

Our Packaging 

Our packaging is recyclable pouches and is BPA free, food-grade packaging. Each pouch is re-sealable and re-usable, it is specifically designed to for easy travel and mess free feeding. Remember to keep the food frozen until ready to feed your child, and to read our instructions on how to safely consume the product. 


Yummy, Easy, Speedy 


Baby Food Redefined


Nourish Your Little One


Our Kitchen


Your child's safety is of utmost importance to us. We adhere to the guidelines set by the UAE government and cook our food accordingly. Our kitchen is approved by the appropriate authorities and our kitchen is regularly sanitized and deep cleaned. Our staff wear protective equipment, and are fully vaccinated. 



The food is produced in a kitchen where exposure to common allergens can occur. Those include nuts, shellfish, wheat/gluten, dairy and others.  Do not hesitate to contact us regarding your child allergens. Please look at the ingredient list before purchasing.​

Our Food

All of our ingredients is sourced locally and organic when possible. Our protein is hormone-free and grass-fed. All our food is cooked from scratch, including our sauces. We change our menu on monthly basis. 

We offer various new flavors and textures to every meal to cater to every child needs - even the picky eaters! Our aim is to ensure your baby and toddler develops a sustainable and healthy relationship with food.

Our pureed and textured range include:​

  • Fruits & Vegetables 

  • Proteins & Nuts 







Bumblebee Foods supports Gulf for Good, a registered non-profit organisation in the UAE and UK that combines adventure challenges with fundraising to make a positive impact on the lives of under-priveleged children around the world. By donating, you will be supporting The Foundation for African Empowerment in Tanzania. Your donation will go towards helping build an Inclusive Early Childhood Development Centre which will support early childhood development from conception to 6 years of age. All funds raised will enable the FAE to build 3 classrooms, an office and a playground. Approved by IACAD - License Number 1285105

Gulf for Good - 

The Foundation of African Empowerment -

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