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Freshly Made Baby Food

Farm To Freezer

Baby Food Redefined

Bumblebee is a ready-made frozen meal plan for babies and toddlers. All of our ingredients is sourced locally and organic when possible. Our protein is hormone-free and grass-fed. All our food is cooked from scratch, including our sauces. We offer various new flavors and textures to every meal to cater to every child needs.




Our pureed and textured range includes highest quality ingredients:


Why Frozen?

Easy & Speedy

Ready in minutes, no cooking needed. Just pop our meals in the microwave or place in hot water - it is as easy as heat & eat. 

Freshness Guaranteed

Our meals are cooked fresh to order and are free from any additives or preservatives - no nasties here. 

Nutrition Locked In

Freezing the food will naturally lock in the nutrients of the food to ensure maximum benefit for your child.  

Easy Meal Planning 

Having the food ready in the freezer saves busy parents time and effort in the kitchen, especially on the days where you do not want to cook. 

Only the best for your baby

All our ingredients is sourced locally, and is mostly organic while our meats are hormone free, and grass-fed. Each of our meals is carefully developed using the expertise of a child nutritionist and a certified chef to ensure maximum benefits and flavor. We help working moms, moms-on-the-go and new moms for easy and hassle-free meal planning. Our product is specifically designed for easy transportation and mess free feeding. Our product fits in mommy’s purse, kids’ lunchbox and is even suitable for airplane carry.

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No Salt

No Preservatives

No Sugar

No Additives

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