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Why Offer Finger Food ?

Updated: May 24, 2022

Allowing babies to explore various foods allows them to familiarize themselves more quickly with this new concept of eating, as well as to develop their hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Studies also show that allowing babies to learn chewing early on, will help develop their speech.

By letting babies take control of their eating in this way, they will learn how to chew and swallow more efficiently, which can, in turn, make the weaning process less stressful. It also helps support their natural ability to self regulate, to understand hunger and fullness, and gain independence.

Finger foods make family eating much easier. You can all enjoy a wide variety of family meals together, while introducing your baby to many tastes and textures. This can make them less fussy as they grow older.

Just remember to give your child sizes they can chew, and remember to keep a close watch the first month to avoid any choking incidents.

So What is finger food ?

Well, it depends on your child's age but it can be anything from a slice of fruit to granola bar or even a wrap.

So have fun and be creative !

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